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What is CIAC?

The purpose of the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) is to enhance the construction industry through our support of the Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management at LSU.

Who Are CIAC Members?

Recent LSU CM graduates, leaders in the construction industry, and organizations who work in and support the construction industry both locally and across the world. 

Who Can Join LSU CIAC?

Anyone who is passionate about giving back and enhancing the construction industry. It is also always recommended that recent LSU CM alumni get involved to share their input on how the program can be improved.

2023 - 2024 CIAC Board of Directors

Stephen Fertitta, President
Great River Industries

Chris Newton, Treasurer
Cajun Industries

Bryan Wesley, Secretary
Wesley Construction

Michael Demouy, Past President                                                    Concrete & Aggregates Association of LA

Rudy Comeaux
The Lemoine Company

Scott Couper                                                                                                                  Pala Group

Abby Christensen                                                                                                         MMR

Chad Bradley                                                                                                                 Turner Industries 

Tony Gulino                                                                                                              ISC

Marc Bougeois                                                                                                   Regal Construction LLC 

Ryan Day

Josh Rounds
Performance Contractors

Travis Blair                                                                                                                       Pala Group

Art Favre
Performance Contractors

Kenny Freeman
Petrin Corporation

Lane Grigsby
Cajun Industries

Stephen Breaux                                                                                                  MMR

Dr. Charles Berryman, Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management Chair

Stephanie Heumann, Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management Faculty Representative

Steve Fleury, LSU Alumni Representative

Jon Carr, LSU Foundation Representative

2023 - 2024 COmmittee Chairs

Personnel, Stephen Fertitta

Finance and Governance, Chris Newton

Curriculum & Accreditation,  Ryan Day

Department Enhancement, Lance McCann 

Stewardship & Accountability, Scott Couper,  Chris Newton

Student Enhancement, , Abby Christensen

Membership & Fundraising,  Bryan Wesley

Publicity & Promotion, Michael Demouy

Research, Josh Rounds

New Orleans Ad-Hoc, TBA

Phone:  225-221-5240 | Contact Email  | LinkedIn

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